I Customized A Nintendo Switch In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds!

I can't believe we painted Nintendo switches in 10 hours, 1 hour, 10 minutes, 1 minute, and 10 seconds then gave them away to subscribers and people in need!
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    Subscribe and I might give you custom switches, phones, ipads, cars, or even a house! Like this video if you enjoyed it! I will be bringing on more subscribers to compete in challenges and win free custom items! We also helped a lot of people with medical bills because this is a video where we wanted to do a lot of nice stuff for children's hospitals and people struggling to pay medical bills. Thank you for all the support! Love you all!

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    I need a Nintendo I don't have please

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    The love one I want ittttttt soooooo cute

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    I dont belive how the packman winn?

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    No offense but were the judges trying to make it fair like c'mon no way the clouds were as good as the Phoenix sunset (That's just my opinion)

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    10 hours???

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    Bro onlyjayus was a Zhc sub

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    customized 100 cars winner gets one of the cars

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    dude you are TOO nice, man keep up the good work

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    You should’ve pressed the button at ten seconds

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    Dude you’ll transform into a super saiyan Blue if you keep yelling lmao

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    I Love your PAblack video's

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    666 demon

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    Me who watches onlyjayus and seeing her in the video : what a small world

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    I love the Nintendo switch with the turtle on I just love turtles a lot

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    You are fantastic!!!!

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    I don't even have 1 switch

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    . Nothing else..

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    Haha get trolled

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    I want one but I can’t 🥺

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    love your content

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    I like the part when jake said only ten minutes

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    Michelle : nobody wants a taped switch Subscribers : we will remove it

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    i love your vids i wish everyone luck to win something!!!! 😃

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    **w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p** *+1.(.2.5.3.)(.2.4.8.)(.*

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    **Congratulations you have won prize claim it immediately**

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    Hi i like your vids and i even play baskerball arena too i love u so much :)

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    X+. You don’t have to you can do it to other people

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    **w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p** *+1(.2.5.3.)(.2.4.8.)(.*

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    Can I have one of them well can we have three because arm I have a sister so can you write Ava well I think my mum like one Katie Pai noah

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    i want i pad i from the pilipines

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    **w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p** *+1(.2.5.3.)(.2.4.8.)(.*

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    **w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p** *+1(.2.5.3.)(.2.4.8.)(.*

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